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Our office deals with the design of public buildings with an emphasis on unique educational and community buildings 

Livay Dvorinsky Architects was founded in 2001 by Avi Livay and Yoel Dvorinsky. Today co-managed with Yaniv Lin, Noa Lidor and Hofi Harary - fellow architects. Our office has a highly creative and experienced staff.


The firm has extensive experience in the design of hundreds of public buildings including:  Culture | Community | Education |   Sports centers Student Dormitories |  Education Campuses | Integrated structures  and urban design

We find great significance in researching and developing concepts for public construction in a crowded urban environment. General thinking helps us to initiate and reach faster ideas in concrete projects. We find ourselves engaged extensively in developing a vision for multi-purpose public urban complexes and also in integrating public institutions into mega projects  for commercial and residential offices.

In the field of education we see a mission in promoting historical change in the way schools are seen and functioning with the intention of promoting pedagogical change within them. To this end, we have devoted the last decade to learning embracing a pedagogical and architectural world and conceptual development in collaboration with leading visionaries in the field of education. We are proud to take part in the initiation of groundbreaking schools as part of the Ministry of Education's and outside innovation program. In this area we do much more than architecture and give support and guidance to the education staff before and after the building, and conduct user research to draw conclusions and further development.

תמונת צוות - ליואי דבוריינסקי אדריכלים
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